YouTube’s Automotive Monopoly, and How You Can Stand Out Against The Big Guys

It’s no surprise that the ‘DIY automotive’ category is blooming on YouTube, people love to watch other people save money and create something awesome, whilst they’re sitting at their computer, doing nothing…
Nonetheless, you may be finding your videos reaching a whopping 4 views (including your mother and yourself), well there is a good reason for this. YouTube tends to favour only the big guys and smaller channels continue to put in effort and are constantly under appreciated.

Have a look at the most popular content creators on YouTube for Automotive videos:

There is a huge gap between the new and upcoming channels and these well establish multi million dollar organisations. But do not fear, there are a few ways to shorten this gap and see your channel become successful on the internet.

Here are some top tips to make yourself stand out from the crowd of upcoming automotive DIY content creators:

Communicate With Your Fans:
A great example of audience communication is from a DIY content creator ‘B Is For Build’, he regularly posts on his Instagram and replies to users comments and questions. Take for example his post from a week ago, not only is he replying to his audience, he organized a meet and greet with his fans. This is a great way to establish a real-life relationship with your audience and can also help expand your channel.

All About Titles:
We are in the day and age of Clickbait titles, meaning titles are created purely to get your viewership and that is it. Unfortunately, its now a case of, if you can’t beat them, join them. There are pros and cons to this method, if your title is too far-fetched and exaggerated such as “Public Fight Prank In The Hood – GONE WRONG – (GUN PULLED!!)” you can receive negative backlash. On the other hand, it can have massive success if your title is intriguing but not misleading such as ‘Superspeedersrob’s video titled “Most Expensive Rental Car in Las Vegas”, which received essentially no negative backlash and high amount of views.


Give Updates!
Fans will most likely watch your video if they are aware it is uploaded. YouTube is renown for having videos not show up on your home page. A DIY automotive channel ‘MightyCarMods’ have nailed this method, on their Facebook page they will upload a picture of a goat when a video is about to hit our screens. In what started as an inside joke between fans, is now a great form of communication to their audience and come on, it’s a cute goat.

Creating a video with another YouTube channel is a positive way of expanding your audience. Not only are you learning by working along side another team of content creators, but you will also gain the viewership of there audience, as viewers will believe if the creator they watch has teamed up with you, they should also do the same by watching your content. Although you have to be careful who you collaborate with, as it can have negative affects if the person you choose to join with has bad values or a poor quality of content. “It doesn’t seem like people have any care for the person they collab with, just similar number of subs”, remember, do not collaborate with another creator just for viewership, do it because you like there content and see yourself working well with them.

Following these simple tips should see your channel grow, but remember, it takes time, effort and a bit of luck to succeed in the online community.

Hang in there!


What I Use For Filming and Photography

2016 MACBOOK PRO 15″

I use this for everything, editing, filming, producing and memes. I personally do not like Mac’s and all Apple products to be honest, but this beast has performed perfectly for what I need. A a hefty price of $3800 you’d hope so. In the media field i’ve discovered everything is done on Macs, so I needed to join the club eventually. Purchase this here: 



Back when I used to film skateboarding, this lens was my life. It produces some of the most unusual shots and really help your photos stand out amongst the crowd. I’d highly recommend this brand as it is very inexpensive and reliable. When taking photos of cars you’re able to capture the full object whilst being very close and intimate with the vehicle. Purchase this here:



This has been my favourite piece of equipment I’ve ever owned. It was my second camera and my first Sony product. It was too very inexpensive and after the 4 years I’ve owned it, still hasn’t skipped a beat. Here are some of the stats: Purchase this here:

  • Revised 16.1MP CMOS sensor
  • ISO 100-16000 (Auto 100-3200)
  • By pixel super resolution intelligent up-scaling
  • Picture Effects processing options
  • 1080p24 / 60i HD movies in AVCHD format
  • Focus peaking manual focus aid
  • Stereo microphones and mic input socket



Perfect for car photography, basic filming and everyday shots. This actually came with my camera In a bundle pack, but I’d still highly recommend it if I had to suggest a basic starter lens. Although It lacks in the zooming area, it truly makes up for it with it’s incredible autofocusing capabilities. Purchase this here:



Every filmer/photographer needs a tripod. This cost me $20 a few years back and does the job perfectly. It is very adjustable although sometimes feels as if it is about to snap. Nonetheless, has never let me down. Purchase this here:


55-200MM LENS:

This is my favourite lens I’ve owned, it is what i’ve used to get those focused shots there trees as soon below in my blog posts. This unfortunately costs a bit more but you truly get what you’re paying for. I cannot stress enough the fact that you can stand almost 50m away from your subject and take photos clear as day. Highly recommend this bad boy. Purchase this here:



A necessity if you’re planning on filming cars. This camera can be dropped, run over and in my case even dropped out of a window and still survive. Here are some statistics:

  • Memory : Micro SD class 10 or higher, supports up to 64GB
  • Viewfinder: No
  • LCD Screen: Optional LCD Touch BacPac £79.99, 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Video resolution: WVGA, 720p, 960p, 1080p, 1440p, 2.7K, 2.7K Cin, 4K, 4K Cin
  • ISO range ISO x-xx expandable to: Not stated
  • Focus modes: Auto
  • Max burst rate: 30fps at 11MP
  • Shutter speeds: Up to 240 fps (848 x 480 pixels)
  • Weight: 73g
  • Dimensions: 1.7 x 1.5 x 2.2 cm
    Purchase this here:


Marketing Plan

Short Term (3 months):
Short term goals in the beginning are supposed to be easy to hit, as they will keep you motivated and encouraged to continue to the next goal. The rewards are also implemented to continue to help improve your quality and social media presence

GOAL ONE 1000 Views Purchasing a logo
GOAL TWO Shared by 50 Friends Purchase an intro
GOAL THREE Reply to every comment on videos. Good and or bad Take a week of posting videos.

Medium Term (12 Months +)
Collaborating with a larger YouTube channel is the main goal of this sector. As this is one of the greatest ways of increasing flow on your channel and gaining subscribers. It benefits both side of the party, as your followers will flow onto the larger channel and vice versa.

GOAL ONE 1000 subscribers in total (multiple platforms). Purchase upgrading equipment to improve video quality
GOAL TWO Shared by a larger blog/channel Purchase better editing software to improve video quality
GOAL THREE Collaborate with a larger blog/channel Create social media on all platforms for your YouTube channel

Long Term (3 years+):
Long term goals are for when you can be considered successful. We begin to help out other as they have helped you; this not only keeps your channel growing but helps maintain a positive image online.

GOAL ONE 100000+ Views Create your own domain
GOAL TWO Become featured on another social media platform. Continue to purchase better equipment and software with profit from partnership
GOAL THREE Shout-out a smaller blog/channel You will be repaid by the other YouTuber in the long run for helping them out in the beginning

The audience I am trying to communicate to are predominately males ages 16-30. This age would have a massive social media presence and be helpful in the expansion of the channels. The 16-year-old plus age group are happy to read interesting material, whereas any younger may be uninterested and rather just watch videos. My blog based around cars and videos would also cater to enthusiasts of motor racing, cinematography, film, design, automotive trades and blogging enthusiasts.

A 20-year-old male student who has a passion for cars. His favorite movies include Mad Max, Fast and the Furious and Django Unchained. He spends most his time watching videos on YouTube and trying to keep up to date with all the people he is following on all platforms of social media

Advertising is tricky, as too much can backfire and become annoying, seeing potential viewers and subscribers turn away from you channel. Paid advertising will be much less frequent as the blog/channel will not be making money in the beginning.






Mighty Car Mods Issues
Hot Rod MagazineWheels Magazine




My success would be determined by my goals as stated above.



Dumb Ways To Die At La Trobe


Our interactive video group assignment

When given the opportunity  to create an interactive video, I first went to Youtube to see the types of videos created by other Youtuber’s. What I found was quite bland, whilst many were very serious and to be honest lacked entertainment, I  did manage to find a few funny ones. This got me thinking, why not go all out, pure comedy, where every video in the series is created to make the audience laugh.

So we got to work on thinking of an idea, the thought, if you’re gonna make something stupid, make it as stupid as you can came to mind. The idea of ‘Dumb Ways To Die’ came to one of our group members recently watched a video with the Grand Theft Auto Wasted death featured in it. So we wanted to show the many stupid ways in which our very own University can kill you.

I was in charge of directing the shots, all the visuals (somewhat including the GoPro footage) and all of the editing and annotating as I am very experienced with Youtube, camera equipment and editing software. I wanted to do the GoPro shots mounted at Shayla’s eye level to give the experience of a first person shooter video game, making the interactive video experience more fun in my opinion. Also incorporating shots from the go Pro and my DSLR give the viewer more depth into the character and the environment in which they’re essentially ‘playing’ in.

The equipment and software I used are listen below:

-Sony Alpha a37
– 25-50mm Lens
– Go Pro Hero 3+
– Adobe Photoshop CC
– Adobe Premier Pro CC
– Adobe After Affects Pro CC
– Basic audio and mounting equipment

I wanted our video to be very trendy and modern, as our audience are University students aged 17-25 and of course our very trendy teacher. By adding memes right off the bat in the first video, I thought it would establish a very healthy relationship with the viewer and let them know what they’re in for in the following videos.

I wanted the clips to be short and sharp, straight to the point and have no bullshit. As seen in the video, we cut almost every clip, for example when Shayla is on her way to uni, we cut the clip to make it less boring. This is something I picked up in the research stage as I was nearly put to sleep when watching videos of the protagonist walking everywhere.


As seen in the wireframe, we wanted a very linear  story line (meaning straight and in one direction). That once you clicked the wrong link, you immediately face your death. Again, in the research phase, I was extremely irritated when I clicked the wrong link and was lead on a wild goose hunt to only end up failing in the end. I also added the option to continue to the correct video in the annotations after dying to save the viewer from having to exit or go back to the previous screen, as this also annoyed me when finding inspiration.

With the ending screen I created in photoshop, I made the annotations seems almost as if they were not there, a small touch I really think make the video seems very professional.

All round, our group had the most unusual sense of humour, worked terrific and had so much fun creating the video.

Kei To The City

Two Australian men set off on a cinematic masterpiece to discover the culture, trends and lifestyle of the Japanese car scene, or as referred to by the automotive community as “JDM” or Japanese Domestic Market.”


Blair Joscelyne (LEFT), also known as MOOG, and Martin Mulholland, also known as MARTY. The pair making up ‘Mighty Car Mods’

The low-budget independent film was created by Blair Joscelyne (MOOG) and Martin Mulholland (Marty), together known as Mighty Car Mods . For those unfamiliar with the Australian icons,  here is a quick rundown of who they are and what they’re about. Taken from their website the duo describe their empire as, “an independent automotive series created by a couple of friends, Marty and Moog who started filming videos on Martys mum’s driveway in 2007. They’ve come a long way since then but still have an unwavering focus to show their viewers fantastic automotive projects that they can do themselves at home.” Now title as the number 1 automotive show on the internet, the couple set off on their biggest journey yet; the heart of the automotive industry, Japan.

The feature film follows the crew around Japan and sets off at a Japanese car yard, where the pair purchase their car. The film is based around this car and the journey they take to make it a ‘drift’ car. The film is titled “Kei To The City”.

The film switches from 2 types of conventional camera styles, the typical Youtube handy cam filming which is primarily used to follow them around, as the film is low-budget the crew couldn’t afford a production team. Then in stages switches to high quality, framed and panning shots of vehicles, to give the film more of a documentary feel. Included in the high quality shots is the team’s first time encompassing ‘Aerial Done Footage‘. This modern filming technique really vamps up the production quality and helps give an unforeseen perspective of the automotive and the drift racing scene.


Kei To The City, album and movie cover.

The story line, whilst based around a vehicle, is also focused around the Japanese lifestyle, Moog and Marty take us through the shops, vehicles, streets and the car culture of Japan, meeting experts and locals along the way. The ups and downs are all caught on camera, as the pair are renowned for being the complete opposite of experts; in their own words, “Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics.”

Whilst remaining somewhat of a documentary, the film is filled with comedy, satirical references and inside jokes to the car community. Which is what made ‘Mighty Car Mods’ what they are today.

To me, the scene that encompasses everything Mighty Car Mods is about is in the closing shots, the pair are in the car that they purchased at the beginning, drifting under a rainbow, in a foreign country, with life long friends they have only just met. If i had to pick a title for this scene, it be called, Under The Rainbow, (0:58:00 into the film). As narrated in the scene by ‘Moog’, “it gave us a genuine experience into the automotive spirit”, which is exactly why this featured film to me is incredible. It is what Australian culture is all about, going on and having a go, which is exactly what they did.

If you enjoyed this video, please check out and support the boys on their Youtube channel , where the pair teach, entertain and amuse their audience of over 2,000,000 on a weekly basis.





The Do’s and Don’ts of Filming

No matter how good your cast, your ideas and your production equipment are, your film will always be terrible if it is not filmed correctly.
The one exception, Cloverfield.


It’s almost as if the cameraman is having a stroke, although, in this case, when a 40ft monster is chasing you through the city, the handycam filming technique is understandable.
If you’re filming your university assignment and you’re giving your audience a epileptic fit, you’re doing something wrong.

Here are a few do’s and Dont’s of filming:

DO use a tripod

Tripods will become your bestfriend, DON’T think you’re special and were born with a steady hand, sorry, no one is. From my own personal collection of videos, here is an example how good clips can look when a tripod is used and a simple twist of a knob to lower the height while filming can be.


This incredible piece of cinematic filming equipment has found its way into children’s hands across the world. Please feel free to use this in all your assignments, but do not cry when you crash them into your lecturer and fail.

DO Film in HD

High definition is the best thing to happen to home made films since Bunnings introduced sausage sizzles on Saturdays. They make your video seem professional and give the audience a clearer understanding of what is occurring on screen, and no one will ask if it was filmed ‘with a potatoe‘.

DON’T play with slow-motion unless you’re filming at a high FPS

Frames per second or FPS is how many frames are in a second, dependant on this is how your slow motion will look. This is an example of someone filming with a low FPS and then trying to add the slow-motion effect to the video, disgusting.

Filming is all about experimenting, trying new things and being creative. Save yourself the online harassment that us former ‘noobs’ once copped online for posting poor quality videos.
Most of all, have fun out there!