YouTube’s Automotive Monopoly, and How You Can Stand Out Against The Big Guys

It’s no surprise that the ‘DIY automotive’ category is blooming on YouTube, people love to watch other people save money and create something awesome, whilst they’re sitting at their computer, doing nothing…
Nonetheless, you may be finding your videos reaching a whopping 4 views (including your mother and yourself), well there is a good reason for this. YouTube tends to favour only the big guys and smaller channels continue to put in effort and are constantly under appreciated.

Have a look at the most popular content creators on YouTube for Automotive videos:

There is a huge gap between the new and upcoming channels and these well establish multi million dollar organisations. But do not fear, there are a few ways to shorten this gap and see your channel become successful on the internet.

Here are some top tips to make yourself stand out from the crowd of upcoming automotive DIY content creators:

Communicate With Your Fans:
A great example of audience communication is from a DIY content creator ‘B Is For Build’, he regularly posts on his Instagram and replies to users comments and questions. Take for example his post from a week ago, not only is he replying to his audience, he organized a meet and greet with his fans. This is a great way to establish a real-life relationship with your audience and can also help expand your channel.

All About Titles:
We are in the day and age of Clickbait titles, meaning titles are created purely to get your viewership and that is it. Unfortunately, its now a case of, if you can’t beat them, join them. There are pros and cons to this method, if your title is too far-fetched and exaggerated such as “Public Fight Prank In The Hood – GONE WRONG – (GUN PULLED!!)” you can receive negative backlash. On the other hand, it can have massive success if your title is intriguing but not misleading such as ‘Superspeedersrob’s video titled “Most Expensive Rental Car in Las Vegas”, which received essentially no negative backlash and high amount of views.


Give Updates!
Fans will most likely watch your video if they are aware it is uploaded. YouTube is renown for having videos not show up on your home page. A DIY automotive channel ‘MightyCarMods’ have nailed this method, on their Facebook page they will upload a picture of a goat when a video is about to hit our screens. In what started as an inside joke between fans, is now a great form of communication to their audience and come on, it’s a cute goat.

Creating a video with another YouTube channel is a positive way of expanding your audience. Not only are you learning by working along side another team of content creators, but you will also gain the viewership of there audience, as viewers will believe if the creator they watch has teamed up with you, they should also do the same by watching your content. Although you have to be careful who you collaborate with, as it can have negative affects if the person you choose to join with has bad values or a poor quality of content. “It doesn’t seem like people have any care for the person they collab with, just similar number of subs”, remember, do not collaborate with another creator just for viewership, do it because you like there content and see yourself working well with them.

Following these simple tips should see your channel grow, but remember, it takes time, effort and a bit of luck to succeed in the online community.

Hang in there!


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