Dumb Ways To Die At La Trobe


Our interactive video group assignment

When given the opportunity  to create an interactive video, I first went to Youtube to see the types of videos created by other Youtuber’s. What I found was quite bland, whilst many were very serious and to be honest lacked entertainment, I  did manage to find a few funny ones. This got me thinking, why not go all out, pure comedy, where every video in the series is created to make the audience laugh.

So we got to work on thinking of an idea, the thought, if you’re gonna make something stupid, make it as stupid as you can came to mind. The idea of ‘Dumb Ways To Die’ came to one of our group members recently watched a video with the Grand Theft Auto Wasted death featured in it. So we wanted to show the many stupid ways in which our very own University can kill you.

I was in charge of directing the shots, all the visuals (somewhat including the GoPro footage) and all of the editing and annotating as I am very experienced with Youtube, camera equipment and editing software. I wanted to do the GoPro shots mounted at Shayla’s eye level to give the experience of a first person shooter video game, making the interactive video experience more fun in my opinion. Also incorporating shots from the go Pro and my DSLR give the viewer more depth into the character and the environment in which they’re essentially ‘playing’ in.

The equipment and software I used are listen below:

-Sony Alpha a37
– 25-50mm Lens
– Go Pro Hero 3+
– Adobe Photoshop CC
– Adobe Premier Pro CC
– Adobe After Affects Pro CC
– Basic audio and mounting equipment

I wanted our video to be very trendy and modern, as our audience are University students aged 17-25 and of course our very trendy teacher. By adding memes right off the bat in the first video, I thought it would establish a very healthy relationship with the viewer and let them know what they’re in for in the following videos.

I wanted the clips to be short and sharp, straight to the point and have no bullshit. As seen in the video, we cut almost every clip, for example when Shayla is on her way to uni, we cut the clip to make it less boring. This is something I picked up in the research stage as I was nearly put to sleep when watching videos of the protagonist walking everywhere.


As seen in the wireframe, we wanted a very linear  story line (meaning straight and in one direction). That once you clicked the wrong link, you immediately face your death. Again, in the research phase, I was extremely irritated when I clicked the wrong link and was lead on a wild goose hunt to only end up failing in the end. I also added the option to continue to the correct video in the annotations after dying to save the viewer from having to exit or go back to the previous screen, as this also annoyed me when finding inspiration.

With the ending screen I created in photoshop, I made the annotations seems almost as if they were not there, a small touch I really think make the video seems very professional.

All round, our group had the most unusual sense of humour, worked terrific and had so much fun creating the video.


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