Kei To The City

Two Australian men set off on a cinematic masterpiece to discover the culture, trends and lifestyle of the Japanese car scene, or as referred to by the automotive community as “JDM” or Japanese Domestic Market.”


Blair Joscelyne (LEFT), also known as MOOG, and Martin Mulholland, also known as MARTY. The pair making up ‘Mighty Car Mods’

The low-budget independent film was created by Blair Joscelyne (MOOG) and Martin Mulholland (Marty), together known as Mighty Car Mods . For those unfamiliar with the Australian icons,  here is a quick rundown of who they are and what they’re about. Taken from their website the duo describe their empire as, “an independent automotive series created by a couple of friends, Marty and Moog who started filming videos on Martys mum’s driveway in 2007. They’ve come a long way since then but still have an unwavering focus to show their viewers fantastic automotive projects that they can do themselves at home.” Now title as the number 1 automotive show on the internet, the couple set off on their biggest journey yet; the heart of the automotive industry, Japan.

The feature film follows the crew around Japan and sets off at a Japanese car yard, where the pair purchase their car. The film is based around this car and the journey they take to make it a ‘drift’ car. The film is titled “Kei To The City”.

The film switches from 2 types of conventional camera styles, the typical Youtube handy cam filming which is primarily used to follow them around, as the film is low-budget the crew couldn’t afford a production team. Then in stages switches to high quality, framed and panning shots of vehicles, to give the film more of a documentary feel. Included in the high quality shots is the team’s first time encompassing ‘Aerial Done Footage‘. This modern filming technique really vamps up the production quality and helps give an unforeseen perspective of the automotive and the drift racing scene.


Kei To The City, album and movie cover.

The story line, whilst based around a vehicle, is also focused around the Japanese lifestyle, Moog and Marty take us through the shops, vehicles, streets and the car culture of Japan, meeting experts and locals along the way. The ups and downs are all caught on camera, as the pair are renowned for being the complete opposite of experts; in their own words, “Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics.”

Whilst remaining somewhat of a documentary, the film is filled with comedy, satirical references and inside jokes to the car community. Which is what made ‘Mighty Car Mods’ what they are today.

To me, the scene that encompasses everything Mighty Car Mods is about is in the closing shots, the pair are in the car that they purchased at the beginning, drifting under a rainbow, in a foreign country, with life long friends they have only just met. If i had to pick a title for this scene, it be called, Under The Rainbow, (0:58:00 into the film). As narrated in the scene by ‘Moog’, “it gave us a genuine experience into the automotive spirit”, which is exactly why this featured film to me is incredible. It is what Australian culture is all about, going on and having a go, which is exactly what they did.

If you enjoyed this video, please check out and support the boys on their Youtube channel , where the pair teach, entertain and amuse their audience of over 2,000,000 on a weekly basis.






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