The Do’s and Don’ts of Filming

No matter how good your cast, your ideas and your production equipment are, your film will always be terrible if it is not filmed correctly.
The one exception, Cloverfield.


It’s almost as if the cameraman is having a stroke, although, in this case, when a 40ft monster is chasing you through the city, the handycam filming technique is understandable.
If you’re filming your university assignment and you’re giving your audience a epileptic fit, you’re doing something wrong.

Here are a few do’s and Dont’s of filming:

DO use a tripod

Tripods will become your bestfriend, DON’T think you’re special and were born with a steady hand, sorry, no one is. From my own personal collection of videos, here is an example how good clips can look when a tripod is used and a simple twist of a knob to lower the height while filming can be.


This incredible piece of cinematic filming equipment has found its way into children’s hands across the world. Please feel free to use this in all your assignments, but do not cry when you crash them into your lecturer and fail.

DO Film in HD

High definition is the best thing to happen to home made films since Bunnings introduced sausage sizzles on Saturdays. They make your video seem professional and give the audience a clearer understanding of what is occurring on screen, and no one will ask if it was filmed ‘with a potatoe‘.

DON’T play with slow-motion unless you’re filming at a high FPS

Frames per second or FPS is how many frames are in a second, dependant on this is how your slow motion will look. This is an example of someone filming with a low FPS and then trying to add the slow-motion effect to the video, disgusting.

Filming is all about experimenting, trying new things and being creative. Save yourself the online harassment that us former ‘noobs’ once copped online for posting poor quality videos.
Most of all, have fun out there!


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