How To Take Better Photo’s of Cars

I’ve been taking photos of cars for a number of years now. I’ve learnt everything I know through online videos, experimenting and from the last few years of high-school. I figured I put together my favourite tips to taking incredible shots of vehicles with minimal equipment and editing.

I began years ago, with my Sony A37 DSLR, and this was my first photo I had ever taken of my own car, at the time I thought it was great. Although now I look at it and am filled with motivation to see how far I have come.14787515_1380289655315781_146803731_o

This was a few months back, with the same Sony A37 DSLR, the same car (plus a few thousand dollars put into it), and the same editing software. Amazing to see how far a little know how will go.
Assignment Photography.jpg

All About Angles:

No one wants to see photo’s of cars from direct eye level anymore, thats boring in my eyes. Why not try and show the viewer a whole new perspective of the car, as seen in my second picture the photo is from the ground, behind the grass, as if an animal is stalking its prey. This give the vehicle a totally new look at humans just cant usually see.


Sparkling Clean:

This may seem a tad obvious, but always remember to wash your car before photographing it. If it’s for a client even offer to wash their car for them as this makes such a huge difference in the outcome of the shoot. You can be the best photographer in the world, but if you’re taking a photo of a piece of shit, your photo will still be of a piece of shit…


All About Light:

The best photo’s of car are taken in the natural sunlight. Sure you can artificially add light, but it will never have the same effect. So look at the weather forecast and pick a sunny day. Personally I either go for dusk or dawn.



Placing your vehicle in an unusual environment works perfectly for two reasons. One being it makes the car stand out, and the other is adds contrast to the image. The tough boldness of the car will always look good in the opposite environment, as seen in the images above.


Feel free to post your photos of cars in the comments and leave feedback accordingly !


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